Emil and Judith Serrano founded Key to the Past, a place to find quality antiques. They've been married for over 34 years and share a passion for re-discovering items of the past. For example; rescuing a Victorian table, finding a new home for an 1800's painting, or identifying an item from WW2. The quality and craftsmanship that was applied to these items is fascinating and creative to them. Having a place to exhibit, sell, and share antiques design items with the community is the key that motivated them to open an Antique Center.

Our Commitment:


We are committed to providIing our customers with excellent quality antiques and collectibles in a professional and elegant setting.


All our exhibitors work hard on finding and conserving unique items for all types of collectors. It’s a great way to conserve history and show our future generation items from the past.


We are excited to bring to the community a place that represents the "Key to the Past", where you can spend hours walking through history, admiring quality antiques and remembering the past with each item on your way.